Sunday, August 15, 2010

Assessment Run

This morning started at 6:30AM with an (optional) form clinic. I did pretty well- they said I should move my arms more, which I am pretty sure I do when I'm actually running and not being watched. My posture, foot strike and turnover is pretty good. They said to time footstrike for 30 seconds, and try to get close to 40 to 45 on one side per 30 seconds. That equates to 180 or so per minute overall, which is the ideal rate for any distance.

Today was the first assessment. We started out at the same part of Land Park, running up to the levee and about 1.5 miles total to Le Rivage hotel. They marked a mile back north on the trail (toward Miller Park), and we did a times out and back 2 mile run. I ran with the first group, which was people timing themselves.

As usual, there was one girl and about 10 guys out in front of me. This time, two other women ended up passing me- one who was there last week and probably pacing better than I was, and one who was new. I came in fourth (not that it is a race) in the self-timing group, and then ran the 1.5 miles back to Land Park.

My two mile assessment time was 14:15.

I'm really excited to get my pace chart, and start working on longer runs!

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