Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Count Down

I'm starting to get excited! My training officially begins this Sunday, but today I will be picking up my training packet and doing an orientation.

I joined a training group run by Fleet Feet to train for the CIM, and I do have mixed feelings about it. I'm excited to be training for a marathon, but do have the feeling that I should be able to train by myself. I feel like it is a bit of a cop out to join a group, but also feel that this way I might be able to get help not injuring myself, stretching properly, fueling properly, and maybe have more fun being with a group. Plus, I will be motivated not to skip a run since I paid for the program.

Now that I've signed up for the program and the race, and training is about to start, I'm getting excited and anxious. I want to be close to the race soon, but it isn't until December. I'm sure it doesn't help that the San Francisco Marathon was two weeks ago, so I keep seeing posts about it. It makes me a bit impatient for my marathon.

In preparation for training, I'm buying new shoes today. I'm likely going to get Mizunos again, since my last two pairs have been great. I've run about 300 miles on my current pair, so it is definitely time to trade them in.

So, shoes and orientation today, then training starts in five days!

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