Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Wednesday Workout

Yesterday, I had my first Wednesday evening group workout, and it was a speed workout. We started in the same place at Land Park, and did a warm up mile around the baseball fields:

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We started the speed work at the entrance to the Fairytale Town parking lot, and did 30 seconds speed 30 seconds moderate for two miles, around the golf course:

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Then a mile cool down around the baseball fields, followed (of course) by stretching.

I went out a bit too fast again in the warm up, and struggled with the speed after a few cycles. I may have also struggled because I was working hard and not walking during the 30 seconds of moderate pace (like some were). It was fantastic to have my watch beep at me to speed up- it really kept me honest.

I ran alone again, but having the rest of the group out is motivating. Plus, I am fine with the 10 or so guys and one girl being ahead of me, but I do try to keep ahead of the rest of the group.

So far, training has gone well. Here is a summary of the week so far:
Monday: 3 miles easy in the morining
Tuesday: spin (moderate) after work
Wednesday: 4 miles with the group after work

And today will be a hard spin class with Chuck!

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