Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gym disappointment

I have been going to spin at least twice a week for about the past two months. When I started, they were using fill-in instructors since the usual instructor had moved. They got different instructors for the three weekly classes, two of whom I really like.

Connie's class on Tuesdays is great, and Chuck's on Thursday is really challenging and fun. Three weeks ago, Tuesday was canceled. Connie works nights and didn't wake up to drive from Fairfield. Last week, Tuesday was canceled again. I ended up doing the elliptical for 30 minutes, which is not as good.

Yesterday, I called in advance to see if there would be class. They told me they let Connie go because she hadn't shown up several times. Now there is no Tuesday spin class! Boo!

I'm pretty disappointed in the gym, because they really just haven't found permanent instructors since the last person left. Getting someone to drive in from Fairfield doesn't seem like a fantastic solution in the first place- there is always traffic. And now, they have just canceled the class! I was counting on having spin Tuesdays and Thursdays to do my cross training, running M/W/F and Sunday, and having Saturday off. Now, I have to decide how to reorganize my schedule. I really get a lot out of spin, and don't want to move back to weights or rely on the elliptical. I also don't really like the Saturday class, or being at the gym early on the one day I can sleep in all week.

I hope they get a new instructor soon for Tuesdays,  because this really messes me up!

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