Monday, August 23, 2010

Third Sunday Workout: 7 miles

This Sunday's workout was in Natomas. We started out at the Natomas Racquet Club, ran down to the American River Trail, out 3.5 miles and back. This is the course:

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Since we got our pace charts, I really wanted to stick to my 9-10 minute per mile easy/long run pace. I fell in behind a group of guys who are usually a bit faster than me, and did all the miles between 9 and 9.5 minutes per mile. After the run, we did two strides, then stretched.

When I finished the run, I wasn't tired at all. I am used to going fast during long runs, totally wearing myself out. I could have run more! Later in the day, I was just as sore as usual, telling me that the distance was challenging. I think I am getting closer to doing workouts how I am supposed to.

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