Friday, September 24, 2010


This morning, I almost didn't go running. John woke me up and said I could go tonight if I wanted. I kept thinking that 7 miles was really far to run in the morning, but that after work it would be hot and I wouldn't want to go. So I went. I ran to the end of Stonegate and back, then around the Village Parkway-Linden-Stonegate loop. Seven miles, while it was cool out, before 8 am. I got back into our complex, and thought about walking the rest of the way. But I thought- No, I should finish the run. I got to the building before mine and slipped and fell. Hard.

One of two things happened. Either I stepped too far to the right and landed on wet grass, and slipped, or the ground was wet from the sprinklers and I slipped. Either way, my right leg slipped and I went down hard on my right arm, rolled over in the grass, and walked home. I even rang the doorbell because I didn't want to take my hand-held bottle off my hand to get my key.

I was wearing capris, and I ripped a big hole above the knee. My right knee is very skinned. It is about a quarter plus a nickle, next to each other. I don't want to think how bad it would be if I had been wearing shorts like I usually do.

I landed directly on my handheld, and it is pretty scratched up. But my right wrist feels fine. I could have broken it. My right elbow is skinned bad on the outside and not so bad on the inside. My left palm hurts a bit, but is intact.

Overall, I feel fine. I was worried that it would get worse after a while (like when it took me an hour to realize I broke my wrist when I was 13). But all that feel different a few hours later is that my neck is sore. I did fall pretty hard. I could have sprained a ankle, broken my wrist (or arm), fell on my face, or skinned my hands. I was pretty lucky.

I guess that will teach me to ask myself why I've never fallen running, since I am no clumsy usually.

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