Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Long Run- Ouch!

While I was on vacation all week (Monday through Friday), I didn't get a chance to run. I meant to- I brought everything with me- but I just couldn't manage to find a suitable place or time. So I came to the weekly long run having taken a week off.

One the menu for this Sunday? 11 miles, the longest yet. We were scheduled for 27 miles for the week, which of course I wouldn't be completing.

I set off with my group, and felt great through the first six hilly miles. I even led the group for a while at around 8:30 pace. By mile six, my ankles hurt. Then my knees, then my hips. By mile 9, I had trouble keeping up. I lost my group during the ninth or tenth mile, falling behind at a hill. I scooted along, wincing at my joint pain.

We were on the same part of trail as last week, so when I got to the starting point I thought I was done. It was marked 10.5. I decided to be done anyway, and made up for the short cut by doing 6 strides.

Lesson: don't take a week off and expect to feel no consequences!

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