Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday long run

This morning we did a long run- 9 miles- starting at an office park in Folsom (90 Blue Ravine Road). I ran with my usual group. Here is our route:

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We got a bit lost around 3.5 miles, following one of the coaches. We ended up on a trail, and had to go out to the street to find the route. We ended up taking the trestle bridge instead of the Greenback bridge, but we didn't add too much distance.

A lot of the route was the same trail as the Four Bridges Half Marathon. I wasn't a big fan of that race, but I appreciate doing the hills on this part of the bike trail during training. I didn't like that race because I didn't expect the hills!

The run took about an hour and twenty minutes, so we went around the pace we should be doing for an easy/long run. I had a Gu and half a package of Clif Blocks, which was nice. I also took sports drink instead of water on accident, because I filled up at the start and not at home. I was afraid it would bother me, but I was fine.

Next weekend we do an 11 miles run, so I hope my runs this week are quality enough to support that!

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