Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Speed Workout- boy are my legs tired!

Yesterday's speed workout was one of the most challenging thus far. I'm not sure if it was because the training is catching up to me- this Sunday's tempo workout was hard and I am still recovering from it! It may also be that as time goes on, the workouts get progressively more difficult. That would also make sense.

We started out at 100 Howe, and did a "bridge loop" down the levee past the Guy West Bridge, down to the H Street bridge, and across. I think. Anyway, the half mile (800) was on the north side of the river, between the two bridges. We ran the 800, jogged for 90 seconds, then ran back to the other bridge. I was a bit behind my group after the first 800, but I was still working very hard. My legs cramped, I was tired, and I didn't think I could do another each time I finished. But only having five to do made it seem more bearable than endless repeats of one minute.

Coach Ryan said that most people went too fast. We weren't supposed to go all out, but I know I did. He said that it won't set us back, but isn't as effective as a more controlled effort. I think what would help is actually being able to time the 800s and compare to the pace sheet (which I didn't do since I had forgotten to bring my pace sheet to know how fast I should be going). I was just going at full effort.

What should help with the upcoming runs is...


I am so excited! I have been debating getting one for a while now. I know I am bad at pacing and need the help of a device to tell me my approximate pace, but they are expensive and part of me feel that I shouldn't need the watch to do well. My runs have been good for the training program in part because most of the time I run with a group led by someone with a Garmin. So I broke down and bought one- at a very good sale price I might add. And it is the 405, one of the fancier ones with more training settings. I was originally going to get the stripped down 110, which basically just does pace, distance and time elapsed. But they were close to the same price, so I went for the better model.

I just hope it gets here in time to test it out before my half marathon the weekend after next.

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