Monday, October 25, 2010

Longest run ever

Our long run this Sunday was 17 miles. Not much longer than 15, but still very, very long. Maybe it was the rain, or the 20 mile an hour winds, or the heartburn I had from spicy pasta sauce, but after about 8 miles, I really wanted this run to be done.

Despite my feeling of being "over it" during this, my longest long run ever, I still helped keep the group on pace at 9:04 overall for the 17 miles. I tried not to whine too much, even when the wind pushed the rain sideways into my ear on the foot bridge. It felt good to finish such a grueling run, in the weather, and have accomplished more miles than I've ever finished before.

Lessons from this week's run include:

1. Shorts and a technical shirt are the most comfortable in 60 degree weather, but won't keep the water from soaking through to my sports bra.

2. Shoes and socks soak through in the rain. I will need to figure out how to keep my feet comfortable when wet.

3. Spicy pasta sauce is bad the night before a long run.

Here is the run:

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