Sunday, October 10, 2010

Longest Sunday Yet- 12 miles

After the half marathon last weekend, we are really ramping up the Sunday mileage. Today was 12 miles- the longest yet. From there, we do 15, 17, then 20 I think!

Twelve miles doesn't seem like much after doing a fast half marathon last weekend. It is easy to forget that long/easy pace means taking longer to do 12 miles than it does to do 13.1. I did fine though, with only a bit of tiredness in my legs. Stretching was a bit of a challenge, though.

The highlight of the run was jumping over a snake. I was running in the dirt off the bike path (we were three wide today), and I saw a snake early enough to jump over it and screech. The guys thought I was injured. No, just a snake. A snake about the diameter of a pencil, and it may or may not have been alive.

I'm a bit scared about the workout next Sunday- 15 miles, 10 of which will be marathon pace. Since we did today's run around 9 minutes per mile, next Sunday will be at least 40 seconds faster per mile...

Here is our course and my stats for today:

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