Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marathon Pace Run

Today was our first of two marathon pace runs. The schedule said 2.5 mile warm up, 10 miles at marathon goal pace (8:19 for me), and 2.5 mile cool down. Pretty straight forward. What I realized on Wednesday was that the workout would be in Folsom. Which is full of hills. Oh no! Marathon pace plus hills equals eek!

The first 2.5 miles were easy, of course. Right around the time we put on the speed, the hills started. Miles 3 through 6 or 7 were all hills, but I managed to keep my average pace slightly above my goal. I was close to 9:00 or 8:40 for a lot of the hills, but faster on the slight downhills. I did my best, and that is what counts. Even after those tough first hills, it didn't really get any better. It was flat for a bit, but overall, still hilly. I managed to stay ahead of my group (which meant I was alone for the run, not as fun), and a lot of the people that are in the faster segment of the program. That was nice. Overall, I maintained about 8:30 or so for the marathon pace miles, which is about ten seconds off per mile of where I want to be. That is disappointing, but it was hilly, so I can't be too discouraged by it. We will just have to see how the next marathon pace run goes (the Clarksburg half on Nov. 14).

Here is the Garmin summary:

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