Thursday, October 7, 2010

New and Improved Pace Chart!

This morning I got my revised pace chart, which reflects last weekend's half marathon assessment. My new projected finish time for the marathon is 3:37:47, a 8:19 minute per mile pace. This is an improvement of over six minutes from the previous pace chart, and would qualify me for Boston if I achieve this time.

I am excited to try to qualify for Boston, and to have my pace chart actually tell me they think I should be able to achieve this goal. The fact that the pace for the marathon is about 30 seconds slower than the half seems good, as long as I can stick to the pace and not try to go out faster.

We have a marathon pace workout at the Clarksburg Half Marathon in November, so I will be using that race to test running my goal pace in a race environment. I'm so excited!

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