Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recovery run

I never run the day after a race. Or, I never have before this week. My training schedule told me to keep up with my usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine, even after the half marathon on Sunday. Since I am in the training program so someone else can tell me how to train, I decided to abandon my no-running-after-a-race habit and run on Monday.

I set out at 6:20 AM for a six mile run, cutting my usual seven mile course short. I ran maybe a mile before my legs really got tired. I guess going all-out for 13.1 miles less than 24 hours before will do that. I got through the first two miles mostly running under 10 minute miles, but walking a bit. I slogged through the two miles back from the end of Stonegate the same way.

So I finished four miles (of a prescribed six mile run) in 45 minutes. Not too bad for the day after a race. Not what I wanted (since I want to do all my miles), but not so bad that I feel I have miles to make up.

Hopefully my legs feel more rested for my group speed workout tomorrow.

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