Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am attempting to compile information on spectating for John and anyone else who may be out watching the CIM. I'll be updating as I find more information.

Athlete tracking will be available during the race to show 5.9 mile, 13.1 mile, 20 mile, and finish splits. It is available here. My bib number is 978.

Map of start to Mile 19:

 Map of Mile 20 to finish:

Road closure information from the CIM website:

Mile Close Open Note / Intersections
1 5:00 7:24 Oak Ave. Parkway just off Aubum-Folsom Rd
2 7:00 7:38 Amer. River Canyon Dr. & Oak Ave.
3 7:09 7:52 April & Oak Ave.
4 7:12 8:06 Beach & Oak Ave
5 7:15 8:20 Kenneth/Wachtel & Oak Ave
6 7:18 8:34 Fair Oaks Blvd. & Oak Ave
7 7:21 8:48 Fainvays Condo & FOB (3/4 way to Greenback)
8 7:24 9:02 Niessen & FOB (bet. Greenback & Madison)
9 7:27 9:16 Dorian & FOB (almost to Sunset)
10 7:30 9:30 Main & FOB (at Winding Way curve)
11 7:33 9:44 New York Ave. & FOB (just W of Sunrise)
12 7:36 9:58 Hollister & FOB (apartment row)
13 7:39 10:12 California & FOB (before Manzanita)
14 7:42 10:26 Grant & FOB (after Manzanita)
15 7:45 10:40 Kenneth Ave. & FOB (bet. Marconi & El Camino)
16 7:48 10:54 Garfield & FOB (at end of "S" curve)
17 7:51 11:08 Paloma & FOB (immediately after Arden Wy.)
18 7:54 11:22 Saverien & FOB
19 7:57 11:36 Coronado & FOB (just before Watt)
20 8:00 11:50 Hawthorne & FOB (almost to Fulton)
21 8:03 12:04 University & FOB (almost to Howe)
22 8:06 12:18 Carlson/CSUS & J St.
23 8:09 12:32 pm Bear Flag & J St. (48th St.)
24 8:12 12:46 pm 33rd & J St. (just before Alhambra)
25 8:15 1:00 pm 22nd & L St. (just before RR tracks)
26 8:18 1:14 pm 8th & L St. (approx.--almost the end)
The finish line area around 8th, 9th, and 10th Streets and Capitol Mall will be closed from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week Seventeen Summary

At the end of my last full week of training, here are my stats:

Miles run this week: 19
Total marathon training miles: 382
Total Miles in 2010: 694

The CIM is on Sunday!!!

Last Sunday Long Run

Yesterday we did the last long run of the program. It was an easy 8 to 10 miles, and they told us that only a few people (you know, the really fast ones) should be doing 10.

When I opened the garage to go to the run, fog poured in. I had checked the Weather Channel on my phone while eating my oatmeal, and it was 36 degrees out. Ouch! When I saw the fog, I ran upstairs and grabbed a jacket. I had been intent on trying out my race day outfit for the last long run, but I wasn't so sure. I might be able to do it for the marathon- cold or not- but should I suffer through a training run?

I ended up in my race outfit for the run, and it was perfect. I couldn't feel my fingers (even in gloves) for the first few miles, but overall it is a great choice. I;m very happy that I got my Magic Running Pants (as I'm now calling them), and the shirt John got me last year for Christmas is so soft and warm enough without making me overheat. My race outfit will basically be what I wore in the Clarksburg Half Marathon:

Race Photo from Brightroom

We ran an easy 9 minute per mile pace on average over the eight miles. It was two of my usual group (the other two have been absent recently), and a guy that runs with us sometimes. He told us war stories of the CIM bus getting lost, not being able to find a pace group, etc., and told us about his previous races. It was nice to hear the stories, and I am very glad to say that they didn't scare me.

We also talked race strategy- what pace we would be starting with, our goal finish time, whether or not we would be using a pace group, etc. I am the only one going for my predicted pace from the training group. I think it is an ambitious time goal, but I have to go for it. I think I can do it, and that is all I need.

I am so excited for the race, and can't wait until next Sunday!

Here is my Garmin summary for Sunday's run:

Finally enjoying the taper

Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I had the day off. I went for a run around 9 or 9:30 in the morning. My Garmin was dead- I guess I forgot to charge it- but that didn't bother me. I put on my Timex, and headed out for a cold, cold run.

After a few weeks of being cranky about running, I really enjoyed this run. It was the first time in a while that it felt nice and relaxing to run. I didn't pay attention to my speed, I just ran a nice easy four miles.

It turns out that I was running at a pretty good clip- around 8:30 per mile on average- which is faster than usual for my solo runs. I didn't feel like I was exerting myself or working too hard, which is very good considering how soon the race is. It was very nice to be so relaxed.

With less than a week to go now, I am increasingly getting more excited about CIM. I have been excited all along, but now it seems real- this is happening, and soon! I was panicking a week or so ago- the race was coming up fast, it was real, and I didn't know if I was prepared. Now I feel good. I can do this.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The night before Thanksgiving, we had about 15 of the 50 people in the training group show up for a very cold run. My hands and feet were freezing... until about a mile in, when I couldn't feel them anymore. We did an easy four miles, and Coach Tina had hot chocolate waiting for us when we finished.

I'm hoping that it isn't 30 degrees outside on the morning of CIM like it was tonight.

Shoe Crisis

Last week I finally decided that I needed new shoes for the CIM. I started wearing my current pair in the beginning of October, and I have about 250 miles on them. They still have life in them, but I thought it might be good to do the race on a fresh pair. So, I went ahead and ordered my trusty Mizunos at Road Runner, and they arrived last night.

This morning, I put my insoles in them and tried them on. They feel different. I compared to my last pair, and they are about a half inch thicker in the sole than my last pair. They look bigger on, and the toe looks different, too. I panicked.

My current pair of shoes is my third of the same model. The first two were the #8, and the current, #9. Nothing seemed to change between these except the color, which was an improvement. Apparently, the #10 is a complete redesign. Not good less than two weeks before the race.

I completely fell into crisis mode. I decided I needed to wear new shoes, but I didn't count on the shoe being different. I can break them in before the race, but a redesigned shoe seems like a gamble. But is it more of a gamble than wearing shoes with less than half their useful life left? Are the new shoes more of a stability shoe? Will they be clunky like the New Balances I tried a few years back? Will they slow me down?

John looked them up, and the update got an award from Runner's world. They are still under 10 ounces, and have additional cushioning to make them not feel stiff (like the New Balances). I'm a little less freaked out, but still trying to decide if I should wear them in the race. If I am, I need to break them in staring today (and I'll have around 30 miles on them for the race). But if I don't like the redesign, I'm out of luck if I've worn them. And stuck wearing my current pair on race day...

Bib # 978

The CIM posted race numbers this morning! Yay! My bib number is 978. Check me out!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week Sixteen Summary

At the end of the week, here are my totals:

Miles run this week: 19
Total marathon training miles: 363
Total Miles in 2010: 675

Two more weeks until the CIM! Yes!

The Oversell

I want to start this post by saying that I really like my training program. I think the coaches are great, the training has vastly improved my fitness and race times, and I am going to be sad when the program ends.

However, I have been a bit annoyed over the past week at Fleet Feet's thinly-veiled attempt at getting us in to the store, and into their other programs on any and every occasion. Wednesday's easy run (on the schedule) turned into form drills and a speed track workout (200s) so we could try out the Fit training program. Thursday was "Marathon Prep Night" at the store, where we supposedly would get all the info we needed for race day. I didn't go- I didn't want to miss spin- but I also felt that the actual training should cover this information.

Sunday, our 14 mile run (10-12 if still tired) turned into a 90 minute run and then seminar in the store. I liked the Sunday "Fun Run" format, and might do it after training is over to run with a group. But having us at a different Fleet Feet event other than normal training three times in one week seemed a bit much.

I think maybe I am experiencing a bit of the grumpiness they said we would get from the taper. This is taking up my whole life- and I'm excited about the race- but a bit weary from all the training. And now the selling.

Okay, thats all.

Here is my Wednesday workout:

And my Sunday workout:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Easy run

This morning's easy 3 mile run (to recover from the race) turned into an easy 2 mile run. My right knee is bothering me, and in more of a pain than soreness way. So I turned around after a mile, and actually made it to work on time! I am taking this taper seriously. Relaxation time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week Fifteen Summary

At the end of week fifteen:

I'm feeling good. The last five weeks have been around 30 miles a week, and I've done spin every Thursday. I have done most of my easy runs on my own (skipped one due to my annual conference), and kept a good pace for all workouts. I'm tired, and feel like I've done a lot of work. Now the fun part if coming up fast.

Miles run this week: 29
Total marathon training miles: 344
Total Miles in 2010: 656

Three weeks until CIM. Time to relax before the real fun starts.

Okay, now the taper is really starting

Today was the last day of the last 30-mile plus week (of 5, with more close to 30 before those). We did the Clarksburg Country Run Half Marathon this morning, and the assignment was to run at marathon pace. Guess what? I got an A + on this assignment!

The reason to run at marathon pace for me is that I have trouble actually running at a goal pace early in a run (I run faster), and maintaining it later in a run (I get tired and go slower). So today, I wanted to run the entire race at marathon pace, a full 30 seconds slower than my half marathon time from the Urban Cow Half in October. I know I can run faster, and I will want to run faster in the race environment. But in order to do well and hit my goals in the marathon, I need to be able to run a pace I can keep for 26.2 miles.

I ran with Brittani from my group, and we actually hit 8:19 per mile overall, finishing in 1:48:54. She was 10th in our age group and I was 11th, which isn't too bad considering that this race is a championship event for this distance, and a part of the Buzz Oats Race Series.

So, mission accomplished during my last hard workout. Also, I wore my new CW-X compression tights, and loved them. They could be more forgiving in the waist area, but I will trade that for excellent support on my legs.

Here is the Garmin report for the race:

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Running is always touted as the sport you can do with little more than a good pair of shoes. The people who say this have obviously not been to a running store, picked up a magazine or ran with a group. There is so much stuff one can buy to feel better, perform better, look better while running. And I have not been immune to this accumulation of gear.

Before starting this program, I had the requisite (and mostly Nike) running apparel, fancy compression socks, gloves, a hat, and shoes that I had been fitted for at Fleet Feet. Since I started marathon training, I have also acquired a hand held water bottle, a waist pack for a larger water bottle, a new hat, Body Glide, a headlamp,  and...

The fanciest, most overpriced pants known to man. After the way I felt during the 20-miler last Sunday, I decided to take the plunge and buy compression pants. They will be warmer, support my muscles, and stave off fatigue (or so the advertising and review say). They are full length, black, and so tight it took about 15 minutes to get them on (no joke). I can't wait to try them out on Sunday!

Here they are. I bought the black, but the blue shows the panels better.

It's Official- the Taper Has Begun

I'm relieved that the taper has started, and ready to rest. At the same time, I wish I was more excited about running right now. I am so tired, and sore. Plus, I just feel like I spend my whole weekend either preparing the run, running, or recovering. I want some time off!

Don't get me wrong, I am still very excited for the marathon. The closer it gets, the more real it seems. Did I really run 20 miles two Sundays in a row? Am I really doing a half marathon this weekend, which I really feel like is no big deal? WTF has happened to me?

I am thinking of entering the lottery for the New York Marathon next year. It opened on Monday. One person in my group entered, and I wish I was confident enough to enter today. But I want to get through this marathon first. I can plan ahead for next year to some extent- I already have 3 half marathons planned in the first four months of the year. But signing up for another marathon can wait until December 6th, or 7th...

Yesterday's speed workout was far from speedy. We did 2 miles of warm up, 2 miles of 1 minute on 1 minute off, and 2 miles of cool down. The "on" portion wasn't very fast- we kept to around or just under marathon pace, around 8:15-8:30. That was enough exertion for me. Everyone seems tired, and ready to get to the goal.

Here is yesterday's workout:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week Fourteen Summary

At the end of week fourteen:

Miles run this week: 30
Total marathon training miles: 325
Total Miles in 2010: 627

We did our longest run today (20.5 for me), and we have our marathon pace workout at the Clarksburg Half Marathon next Sunday. 

Four weeks until CIM.

I'm pooped...and ready to taper.

Sunday Longest Run

Today was our longest run. It was supposed to be 22 miles, but I ended up doing 20. It wasn't the pouring rain that got me-around the halfway point I got a sharp pain in my left hip, which made me limp. It felt a bit better after maybe a mile, but I stopped at the aid station and filled up last, then had trouble keeping up with my group. I tried for about a mile, then got another sharp pain and decided to stop and stretch. I did pretty well for the next few miles, then was hurting all over. I walked, ran, walked, and finished 20.5 in around the same time my group did 22- 3 hours and 24 minutes.

Overall, I'm not too disappointed. It was supposed to be our longest training run, and the last long run before we taper. And it was, in fact, my longest workout. I only did 20.25 last Sunday. But I did walk part of this run, which makes me feel disappointed that I couldn't finish.

Twenty miles is a long run. I did it just fine last week, and that is enough to prepare me for the marathon. I did want to get that much closer by doing 22 today, but I did train hard in pouring, soaking rain for 20 miles (okay, maybe 12 before it stopped, but I was soaked to the bone by then). The coach told me that the rain makes muscles tense up more and could have given me pain that wasn't due to injury or overtraining. So there is that. I guess it is just the accomplishment of doing 22 and finishing the last long run strong that I missed. And showing weakness. That is never fun.

Here is the summary from the Garmin, which, by the way, doesn't work well in pouring rain. I ended up stopping it on accident and restarting the workout after 1.2 miles, so it is a little off.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Motivation Issues

I've finally come to the point where my motivation is flagging. After running twenty on Sunday, I really felt done. I ran a long way, now I want to get in bed and stay there. For at least a week.

I usually try to do my Monday easy run on Monday, and in the morning if I'm not hurting from the Sunday run. Work commitments got in the way yesterday, and after work I just didn't feel like running. So I ate a brownie instead. This morning, I snoozed the alarm for 45 minutes before getting up, and went out an hour after I had planned.

This morning's easy four miles was easy, but I still wasn't that into it. I'm hoping that a good speed workout, with my new headlamp, will help tomorrow. And our dreaded twenty-two miler on Sunday will be an accomplishment.

I'm worried that my commitment level is going to hurt me. I want to stop running (well, not really, but I'm not as excited as I was a few weeks ago), and we are going into the taper in two weeks. I hope I shake this soon, and get anxious during the taper because I want to run. That is what I'm supposed to do, I think.