Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Sunday Long Run

Yesterday we did the last long run of the program. It was an easy 8 to 10 miles, and they told us that only a few people (you know, the really fast ones) should be doing 10.

When I opened the garage to go to the run, fog poured in. I had checked the Weather Channel on my phone while eating my oatmeal, and it was 36 degrees out. Ouch! When I saw the fog, I ran upstairs and grabbed a jacket. I had been intent on trying out my race day outfit for the last long run, but I wasn't so sure. I might be able to do it for the marathon- cold or not- but should I suffer through a training run?

I ended up in my race outfit for the run, and it was perfect. I couldn't feel my fingers (even in gloves) for the first few miles, but overall it is a great choice. I;m very happy that I got my Magic Running Pants (as I'm now calling them), and the shirt John got me last year for Christmas is so soft and warm enough without making me overheat. My race outfit will basically be what I wore in the Clarksburg Half Marathon:

Race Photo from Brightroom

We ran an easy 9 minute per mile pace on average over the eight miles. It was two of my usual group (the other two have been absent recently), and a guy that runs with us sometimes. He told us war stories of the CIM bus getting lost, not being able to find a pace group, etc., and told us about his previous races. It was nice to hear the stories, and I am very glad to say that they didn't scare me.

We also talked race strategy- what pace we would be starting with, our goal finish time, whether or not we would be using a pace group, etc. I am the only one going for my predicted pace from the training group. I think it is an ambitious time goal, but I have to go for it. I think I can do it, and that is all I need.

I am so excited for the race, and can't wait until next Sunday!

Here is my Garmin summary for Sunday's run:

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