Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Motivation Issues

I've finally come to the point where my motivation is flagging. After running twenty on Sunday, I really felt done. I ran a long way, now I want to get in bed and stay there. For at least a week.

I usually try to do my Monday easy run on Monday, and in the morning if I'm not hurting from the Sunday run. Work commitments got in the way yesterday, and after work I just didn't feel like running. So I ate a brownie instead. This morning, I snoozed the alarm for 45 minutes before getting up, and went out an hour after I had planned.

This morning's easy four miles was easy, but I still wasn't that into it. I'm hoping that a good speed workout, with my new headlamp, will help tomorrow. And our dreaded twenty-two miler on Sunday will be an accomplishment.

I'm worried that my commitment level is going to hurt me. I want to stop running (well, not really, but I'm not as excited as I was a few weeks ago), and we are going into the taper in two weeks. I hope I shake this soon, and get anxious during the taper because I want to run. That is what I'm supposed to do, I think.

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