Sunday, November 14, 2010

Okay, now the taper is really starting

Today was the last day of the last 30-mile plus week (of 5, with more close to 30 before those). We did the Clarksburg Country Run Half Marathon this morning, and the assignment was to run at marathon pace. Guess what? I got an A + on this assignment!

The reason to run at marathon pace for me is that I have trouble actually running at a goal pace early in a run (I run faster), and maintaining it later in a run (I get tired and go slower). So today, I wanted to run the entire race at marathon pace, a full 30 seconds slower than my half marathon time from the Urban Cow Half in October. I know I can run faster, and I will want to run faster in the race environment. But in order to do well and hit my goals in the marathon, I need to be able to run a pace I can keep for 26.2 miles.

I ran with Brittani from my group, and we actually hit 8:19 per mile overall, finishing in 1:48:54. She was 10th in our age group and I was 11th, which isn't too bad considering that this race is a championship event for this distance, and a part of the Buzz Oats Race Series.

So, mission accomplished during my last hard workout. Also, I wore my new CW-X compression tights, and loved them. They could be more forgiving in the waist area, but I will trade that for excellent support on my legs.

Here is the Garmin report for the race:

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