Monday, November 22, 2010

The Oversell

I want to start this post by saying that I really like my training program. I think the coaches are great, the training has vastly improved my fitness and race times, and I am going to be sad when the program ends.

However, I have been a bit annoyed over the past week at Fleet Feet's thinly-veiled attempt at getting us in to the store, and into their other programs on any and every occasion. Wednesday's easy run (on the schedule) turned into form drills and a speed track workout (200s) so we could try out the Fit training program. Thursday was "Marathon Prep Night" at the store, where we supposedly would get all the info we needed for race day. I didn't go- I didn't want to miss spin- but I also felt that the actual training should cover this information.

Sunday, our 14 mile run (10-12 if still tired) turned into a 90 minute run and then seminar in the store. I liked the Sunday "Fun Run" format, and might do it after training is over to run with a group. But having us at a different Fleet Feet event other than normal training three times in one week seemed a bit much.

I think maybe I am experiencing a bit of the grumpiness they said we would get from the taper. This is taking up my whole life- and I'm excited about the race- but a bit weary from all the training. And now the selling.

Okay, thats all.

Here is my Wednesday workout:

And my Sunday workout:

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