Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Longest Run

Today was our longest run. It was supposed to be 22 miles, but I ended up doing 20. It wasn't the pouring rain that got me-around the halfway point I got a sharp pain in my left hip, which made me limp. It felt a bit better after maybe a mile, but I stopped at the aid station and filled up last, then had trouble keeping up with my group. I tried for about a mile, then got another sharp pain and decided to stop and stretch. I did pretty well for the next few miles, then was hurting all over. I walked, ran, walked, and finished 20.5 in around the same time my group did 22- 3 hours and 24 minutes.

Overall, I'm not too disappointed. It was supposed to be our longest training run, and the last long run before we taper. And it was, in fact, my longest workout. I only did 20.25 last Sunday. But I did walk part of this run, which makes me feel disappointed that I couldn't finish.

Twenty miles is a long run. I did it just fine last week, and that is enough to prepare me for the marathon. I did want to get that much closer by doing 22 today, but I did train hard in pouring, soaking rain for 20 miles (okay, maybe 12 before it stopped, but I was soaked to the bone by then). The coach told me that the rain makes muscles tense up more and could have given me pain that wasn't due to injury or overtraining. So there is that. I guess it is just the accomplishment of doing 22 and finishing the last long run strong that I missed. And showing weakness. That is never fun.

Here is the summary from the Garmin, which, by the way, doesn't work well in pouring rain. I ended up stopping it on accident and restarting the workout after 1.2 miles, so it is a little off.

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