Thursday, December 2, 2010


...Setting myself up for success, or creating a week-long sugar high?

The dutiful direction-follower that I am, I started a week-long carb and protein load on Sunday, one week before my marathon. I need to build up my glycogen stores, and make sure my muscles have the protein they need in the days leading up to the most challenging physical feat thus far in my life. While I do love eating, let me tell you, I do sometimes worry about the efficacy of this eating regimen.

Why, you might ask? This is common wisdom that we should fuel our bodies before such an effort. Well, first there is the fact that eating- especially eating carbs (even good, whole ones) makes me want to eat more. it makes me thirstier. Second, there is the fact that some carbs turn to something similar to sugar, leaving me with a sort of sugar high all week long. I'm jittery. I want more food. And...

I can't sleep.

This is a widely reported precursor to the marathon. Many of the folks in my training group have talked about waking up in the middle of the night over the past week. We are on edge. We have extra energy from the taper. And- we're all carbolaoding.

Whether it is nerves, or carbs, I'll be glad when I can sleep again. Until then, let the gorging continue.

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