Monday, December 20, 2010

Running in the Rain

John and I started going to the Fleet Feet Sunday run two weeks ago, and we are really enjoying it. It is very helpful to have a set time, and a group to run with, for long runs. Two Sundays ago, we did an easy 7 miles, slowly because I was in recovery mode. Yesterday was the first long run of my new marathon training program, and I did ten miles... pouring rain...

About six or seven people showed up to the run, and it was nasty out. It wasn't too cold- maybe in the 50s, but it was pouring rain, and moderately windy. I wasn't too excited to be going out in the rain, but I was happy I was doing it once we started.

I ran with John for the first three miles, then he turned around (his 10k training program had him doing six total). Once I turned around at five miles (Guy West Bridge), I ran with two other people from the group. Once does ultras, and said he'd be starting very long runs soon if I wanted to join. It is nice to know some people do more than the 13 miles Fleet Feet advertises as the distance of the Sunday run.

I am happy to be training again, but feeling some pain in my knees and hips. I'm hoping it doesn't last.

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