Monday, January 10, 2011

16 miles...ouch

I mentioned before that  slacked a bit this week, which continued with skipping my 6 mile speed workout. I managed to get the 6 miles in on Saturday (not Thursday or Friday as I should have), but didn't do more than a tempo run (not as fast as called for). I have to pick it up starting this week!

Sunday John and I went to Fleet Feet, and I did 16 miles on the trail. The first 4.5 I ran with John and Bernie, the rest with one of the group regulars, who also did CIM last month (he did considerably better than I did). It was nice to have company again.

I wanted to keep a good pace- close to race pace- between 8:45 and 9. I kept that for maybe 10 miles then slowed to 9:30 or so. Overall a good effort, but I would like to do better on speed.

My goal this next week is to get a good speed workout in on Wednesday (or Thursday, whichever), and do the prescribed 18 miles on Sunday. Judging from how sore my hips are from 16, the 18 will likely hurt. 

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