Monday, January 31, 2011

The painful long run

Yesterday when I woke up for my weekly long run (20 miles-eek), it was raining. No, it was pouring. And foggy. I drove over to Fleet Feet to meet the group, and by the time I got there it was down to a drizzle. Once we started, the rain had stopped. I didn't even need my jacket, but wore it just in case (since the sleeves zip off to make it into a vest).

I was very excited not to be running 20 miles in the rain, but dismayed to be running alone for most of the run. John ran with me for the first 3.5 miles, but then went back to finish his speed workout. I trudged along, at my own pace, for the next 16 miles (i cut it a bit short due to boredom, and because 19 is close enough for me).

I was pretty excited to realize after about 12 miles that I was doing a marathon pace run instead of the prescribed easy/long run. I stayed pretty close to 8:45-9:00/mile for the first 16, which is my modest goal pace for finishing Napa in around 4 hours. I slowed down a bit after 16, (9:30 for mile 17, 10 for mile 18) but I think I could have kept my pace for those two miles if I'd been totally motivated, and not on the yucky rock path.

So not only did I manage 19 miles by myself, I stuck to my goal pace and felt fine. Things are looking good!

I did have one issue that I am bit concerned about- my foot. At 18 miles, the top of my left foot started radiating pain. I don't know if I pulled/tweaked something, or got a stress fracture. It still hurts a bit today, but not unless I am walking or flexing my foot weird. It feels much better either way, so I'm guessing I tweaked something and it will be fine. I am planning to try an easy 5 miles tomorrow to test it.

I hope my foot feels better tomorrow so I can run, since I'll be gone all week and not sure how well I'll do at the hotel gym or outdoors in freezing weather. I have the Davis Stampede Half Marthon to look forward to on Sunday!

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