Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy Sunday Run

I was sure glad to have company this morning for my weekly long run. We went to Fleet Feet for the Sunday group again, and about five or so people showed up to run in the rain. John and I ran with two of the regulars at the Sunday run, and they were kind enough to join me for my 14 miler this morning. It is nice to have people around in the group who are trained and into running enough to do 14 miles on a whim.

It was raining, but not too cold. It was actually very nice out. I wouldn't have been as happy with the weather if I had run by myself, so I'm glad they have the runs from the store. It really is a nice community service that Fleet Feet does by organizing the runs each week, with coffee to warm us up at the end to boot!

I'm still not a big fan of the rocks on the trail from Sutter's Landing to the H Street Bridge, but the benefit of having company is worth the slight discomfort of the rocks.

Here is the Garmin summary of the route and today's run, since I don't think I've added this route to my blog yet:

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