Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Final Countdown!

Less than one week to go until the Napa Valley Marathon: My CIM Redemption! I am in LA for a conference all week, which gives me a nice opportunity to protein and carb load. I am doing a great job on that so far- and keeping it healthy.

John and I did an "easy" eight miles on Sunday with the Fleet Feet group. We both felt tired and not mitivated. I know for me, the work is done and now is just waiting. None of my remaining workouts "matter" so it is difficult to be motivated. I am super excited to get to race day, and see what I can do.

I am aiming for a solid four hour finish. I am confident that I can accomplish thios goal, especially after 20 and 22 mile runs at under 9 minute per mile on average. I felt fine during and after both, and think that I am all set to reach my four hour goal. It will be a challenge to stay slow at the start, but I know what can happen, and I don't want to revisit my CIM failure!

I will be sticking to short treadmill runs this week in the hotel, so nothing much to report. Only a few days left!

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