Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have big news!

Made anxious by the impending deadline for early bird (read: cheaper) registration, and in dire need of some direction and a goal, I made a big decision last night. I signed up for the California International Marathon, again.

Do I want to run another marathon this year? Do I want to do CIM again, after what happened last year? Those questions floated in my mind, making a decision difficult. The fact that prices went up by around $20 this morning made the decision much easier.

Another consideration- cost of travel. I've been looking into other races out of town this summer and fall, and have been taken aback by the cost of hotels, flight or gas, and race registration. Plus, dinner out the night before and lunch after the race. I like racing out of town, but I can't plan on every race being a big adventure. Doing the CIM will cost far less than say, the Portland Marathon. Portland may be fun, but I did already do a travel marathon this year.

So, I will have to start planning for the fall. Do I want to join the Fleet Feet Training group again, to keep me on track? How will the training program that I am running this fall interfere? What races will I do to prepare? When should I start training?

I am excited to finally have a real goal race to look forward to, and excited to be able to have a re-do at my hometown marathon.

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