Thursday, June 23, 2011

Night running

In case you've been hiding under a rock, it has been hot here. On Sunday, my seven miles starting at 8AM left me with a bit of heat exhaustion that lasted into Monday. There was no usual Monday run for me this week, which really bummed me out. Tuesday I did weights with John, which was good, but still isn't running. Then yesterday, we couldn't manage to get up to run because it had been so hot at night that we didn't sleep well.

I was pretty sad that I had gone a full three days without running, after I'd been doing so well. So after watching Lost, at 9PM, we went running in our neighborhood. It was dark, there was a nice Delta Breeze, and we did an easy 3.5 miles. I felt like it wasn't enough, but at least we did something.

It was actually pretty nice to run at night. I think I can do it more often if morning doesn't work- at least during summer when after work isn't an option.

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