Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Five

I have to get back into more frequent updates, to motivate myself and remind myself of my goals, so here goes...

I went for a quick five mile run this morning, after bagging the run in favor of beer and cupcakes last night.I ran alone, and I ended up going faster than I usually do with John. I guess misery loves company, because I am much more likely to feel tired and run more slowly when someone is there to listen to me, rather than speeding up wo get the run done on my own. This bodes well for training, since I need to start picking up the pace.

Speaking of pace, I'm on pace to complete my 500th mile this year by Sunday. I'm at 489 after this morning, so I have 11 to go, including the 5.7 of the race this Sunday (which I will count as 6, since I'll warm up at least the extra 0.3). So I have one more five-miler to go...

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