Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Summary

Every run I went on this week, John went with me. He has gotten more into running with his new workout program, and it has been great. Sometimes, I'm not super motivated in the morning. I'll go slow, or not at all, or cut my miles short. When he runs with me, I don't get away with any of that. He usually does less milage than I would on my own, but that is okay for this pre-marathon training phase. I should take it a bit easy this month leading up to my fall schedule.

We ran twice during the week together, and went out Saturday and Sunday, too. Saturday, we went to How and ran an easy six. John hadn't been to that part of the Parkway before, so it was nice to take him out there. It was very busy! Sunday, we did four with the Fleet Feet group. I'm embarrassed to say that we were the first to come back. It was hot out, and we were planning on running three days in a row (today included), so we decided to take it easy.

We skipped the Free 4th of July 5-Miler this morning. It is too hot out. We're going tonight instead.

Miles this week: 17 
Miles in 2011: 425 
...and John is almost to 200, which is great, too!

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