Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New plan?

 Here is the new plan I ran a minute ago on Runnersworld.com. It looks similar to my current plan, but with a shorter timeline. I think I like it, because I have a few more weeks of 10-12 before the 14-16 milers start...

WEEK 1: 26 Mi
Tue Aug 30 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:18
Thu Sep 1 Tempo Run Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 7:52; Cool
Fri Sep 2 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:18
Sun Sep 4 Long Run Dist: 10 Mi @9:18

WEEK 2: 28 Mi
Tue Sep 6 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:15
Thu Sep 8 Speedwork Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 7:19 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Sep 9 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:15
Sun Sep 11 Long Run Dist: 12 Mi @9:15

WEEK 3: 30 Mi
Tue Sep 13 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:13
Thu Sep 15 Tempo Run Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 7:47; Cool
Fri Sep 16 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:13
Sun Sep 18 Long Run Dist: 14 Mi @9:13

WEEK 4: 24 Mi
Tue Sep 20 Easy Run Dist: 6 Mi @9:10
Thu Sep 22 Easy Run Dist: 6 Mi @9:10
Fri Sep 23 Easy Run Dist: 6 Mi @9:10
Sun Sep 25 Easy Run Dist: 6 Mi @9:10

WEEK 5: 32 Mi
Tue Sep 27 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:10
Thu Sep 29 Tempo Run Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 7:49; Cool
Fri Sep 30 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:10
Sun Oct 2 Long Run Dist: 16 Mi @9:10

WEEK 6: 34 Mi
Tue Oct 4 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:07
Thu Oct 6 Speedwork Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 7:13 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Oct 7 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:07
Sun Oct 9 Long Run Dist: 18 Mi @9:07

WEEK 7: 36 Mi
Tue Oct 11 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:05
Thu Oct 13 Tempo Run Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 7:45; Cool
Fri Oct 14 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:05
Sun Oct 16 Long Run Dist: 20 Mi @9:05

WEEK 8: 29 Mi
Tue Oct 18 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @9:03
Thu Oct 20 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @9:03
Fri Oct 21 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @9:03
Sun Oct 23 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:03

WEEK 9: 38 Mi
Tue Oct 25 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:02
Thu Oct 27 Tempo Run Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 7:42; Cool
Fri Oct 28 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @9:02
Sun Oct 30 Long Run Dist: 16 Mi @9:02

WEEK 10: 40 Mi
Tue Nov 1 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @9:00
Thu Nov 3 Speedwork Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 4x1600 in 7:06 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Nov 4 Easy Run Dist: 6 Mi @9:00
Sun Nov 6 Long Run Dist: 20 Mi @9:00

WEEK 11: 42 Mi
Tue Nov 8 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @8:58
Thu Nov 10 Tempo Run Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 7:38; Cool
Fri Nov 11 Easy Run Dist: 7 Mi @8:58
Sun Nov 13 Long Run Dist: 20 Mi @8:58

WEEK 12: 23 Mi
Tue Nov 15 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @8:55
Thu Nov 17 Speedwork Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 4x1600 in 7:02 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Nov 18 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @8:55
Sun Nov 20 Long Run Dist: 12 Mi @8:55

WEEK 13: 23 Mi
Tue Nov 22 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @8:54
Thu Nov 24 Tempo Run Dist: 5 Mi, inc Warm; 3 Mi @ 7:27; Cool
Fri Nov 25 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @8:54
Sun Nov 27 Long Run Dist: 8 Mi @8:54

WEEK 14: 36 Mi
Tue Nov 29 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @8:54
Wed Nov 30 Speedwork Dist: 4 Mi, inc Warm; 2x1600 in 7:01 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Dec 2 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @8:54
Sun Dec 4 Marathon Race Day 26.2 Mi @7:57 Time: 3:28:19


After braging that I ran three times during the week last week, and twice in the morning, I skipped my Sunday long run.


I had an event Wednesday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday. And by "had and event," I mean I ran all three events. I was exhausted, and started going to bed at 9PM. Seriously. I felt okay Sunday morning, and even got up early enough. But I wanted to relax that day and not sleep. Maybe spend time with John. So we skipped the run.

It was supposed to be a shorter long run. The plan said six miles, and I had planned to do 10. But I did NONE.

Oh well. There is always this Sunday...

Miles this week: 15
Miles in 2011: 574

Friday, August 26, 2011

Return of the morning run

I managed to run three times during the work week this week. I'm supposed to do this, but hadn't since July. I've been busy, which is a bad excuse. The CIM won't care if I was too busy to get in all four runs each week.

So, I ran with John and the group at Fleet Feet after work on Tuesday, and I ran before work Thursday and Friday! Yay!

Watch for the school bus and extra cars!
Thursday morning, I went out around 7AM. School is back in session, so there was a lot of traffic. Plus, the sun is pretty far up by 7AM, so the run required sunglasses.

This morning, I went out at 6AM (had to be at work earlier today). No traffic, cooler out, and the sun wasn't high in the sky until the last mile or so. Much nicer.

Note to self: Run at 6AM when I can. It is nicer out (for now), and there is less traffic and fewer exhaust fumes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Easy week

This week, my current schedule has me taking it easy, with four six mile runs at about 9 minutes per mile. I guess I have to rest after the fourteen ten I did last Sunday, and before the sixteen I'll do a week from Sunday.

I did five last night, in the heat. I'm fine with five, since I did it at a better pace than I have been, and my shoulder is still not 100%. I'll do my six tomorrow and Friday, though! Plus, more than six on Sunday. For sure.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Three: not much better

I managed to mess up my shoulder, back last weekend, and it made running earlier in the week pretty painful after a mile or so. So I was once again behind what my program says I should be doing.

Note to self: get a new program. Start the first week of September. That way I don't have to feel like I'm "behind."

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 4 miles (from Fleet Feet) -- intense shoulder/back pain cut this one short
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4 miles (on Stonegate)
Friday: Off
Sunday: 10 miles (much better clip on this run, a respectable 9:30 or so per mile)

Miles this week: 18
Miles in 2011: 559

15 weeks until CIM.  441 miles to go to get to 1000. If I average 30 per week for all 15 weeks, I'll hit 1000 miles at CIM.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not so impressive Week Two

I was  a bit lazy during Week Two of CIM training. I had better cut it out. I skipped my Thursday speed workout (oops). But the twelve miles Sunday really kicked my butt.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 5 miles (from Fleet Feet, to McKinley, around a few times and back)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Really lame 4 miles (like 45 minutes or something ridiculous)
Sunday: 12 miles

Miles this week: 21
Miles in 2011: 541

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Summary

At the end of what is loosely termed "Week One" of marathon training, I did a somewhat respectible 20 miles. I hope to have it closer to 30 in the next week or two.

Monday: Strength/cross train
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 5 miles- Tempo
Sunday: 10 miles (slow, because I donated blood Friday)

Miles this week: 20
Miles in 2011: 520

There are 17 weeks until CIM. If I average 30 miles a week for the 16 weeks before the week of CIM, I will hit 1000 for the year by the week of CIM. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Training Plan

It is that time again! I need to get by butt in gear and find a training plan for the CIM. I don't think I'll follow my plan from the group last year, since I'm better trained starting training than I was then.

I've run a few SmartCoach plans with different inputs, and haven't decided which to choose.

I've been doing around 20 miles a week for the past few months. But I want to start doing more, and I don't want my training program based on lower starting mileage. I'm tempted to tell SmartCoach that I'm running 26-30 or so, so that I will have a more challenging program.

Whatever route I choose, I started today with a quick 5 mile run. My legs somehow hurt less while running than they do when walking.