Friday, August 26, 2011

Return of the morning run

I managed to run three times during the work week this week. I'm supposed to do this, but hadn't since July. I've been busy, which is a bad excuse. The CIM won't care if I was too busy to get in all four runs each week.

So, I ran with John and the group at Fleet Feet after work on Tuesday, and I ran before work Thursday and Friday! Yay!

Watch for the school bus and extra cars!
Thursday morning, I went out around 7AM. School is back in session, so there was a lot of traffic. Plus, the sun is pretty far up by 7AM, so the run required sunglasses.

This morning, I went out at 6AM (had to be at work earlier today). No traffic, cooler out, and the sun wasn't high in the sky until the last mile or so. Much nicer.

Note to self: Run at 6AM when I can. It is nicer out (for now), and there is less traffic and fewer exhaust fumes.

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