Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was reading the new issue of Runner's World a few days ago, and happened across an article on overtraining. I read the general criteria they suggested for determining if one is overtrained, and I met all of them! How is that possible?

I'm tired, irritable, sluggish (heavy legs when running, etc.), and a bit crabby. John suggested this had more to do with the whole picture (i.e. work, other life stuff) than just running. But he also pointed out that I did a three day a week plan for the Napa Marathon, and I'm doing four days a wekk now. Maybe I should think about cutting back...

I have been doing a little bit less on each run (except Sundays)- four instead of five for example. I just feel tired when I run, and I'm so busy that I don't feel like I have enough time. My real downfall will be the lack of speed workouts- I did a bit of a speed workout this morning, but it was nothing compared to what I did last fall.

Maybe I should do quality over quantity- do three workouts- a long, a speed, and an easy. But I still want to keep my mileage up. Who knows.

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