Thursday, September 29, 2011

Race prep

On Sunday, I'll be running the Urban Cow Half Marathon. It is supposed to be a race prediction/tune up race for CIM. The problem is, I've been a bit light in my speed training. I did well at Buffalo Chips last week, but was pretty slim in the speedwork department for the month or so of training before.

What does this mean? My first guess is that I won't achieve a PR, or perhaps even match my time from last year's race (my current PR of 1:43). After considering my training last year versus this year, I'm not as certain.

Last year, I took most of the summer off, and started the CIM training in early August at very low mileage. Plus, I had done a few half marathons and no marathons. I'd never done speedwork before.

This year, I've trained consistently (aside from March and April), run two marathons in the past year (December and March), and consistently kept up my weekend long run mileage at at least 10 miles. Plus, in the past two months I've done much more mileage than I had at this point in my training last year.

So am I better prepared, or worse? Only the race will tell.

Race Goal 1: Break 1:40
Race Goal 2: PR (Under 1:43:13)
Race Goal 3: Under 1:45

Bottom Line: Understand where I am in training, and how hard I need to work for the next two months.

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