Friday, October 28, 2011

Pacific Grove: What a Beautiful Place

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I had the opportunity to run eight miles along the Pacific Ocean in Pacific Grove on Tuesday morning, after the cold fog had mostly cleared. It was beautiful.

I stayed at the Asilomar Conference Grounds for the Rural Housing Summit, and wasn't sure if I'd be able to run while I was there. I didn't know what facilities will be available at this pseudo-camp facility, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a decomposed granite trail along the beach once I left the conference grounds and crossed the road towards the ocean.

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I was scheduled to do eight miles, but had decided that I'd be fine with four if there wasn't a good place to run. I went out, expecting the trail to end and force me onto the windy, oceanside road. But it didn't really (it ended a few time, but picked back up a few yards later). So I kept running, and turned around at about four miles, after running around the curve of the Monterey peninsula.

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Waves crashing, beautiful landscaping, and well-kept trails. I was in vacation running heaven.

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