Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm lazy and don't post as much as I should

It became exceedingly clear to me that I'm lazy on Friday. I mean, I reached 1000 miles for the year (big deal, right?), and I didn't bother to post about it. What is wrong here?

Maybe it is work- I did work until almost 10 Friday night, then again all day Saturday. But I should have posted the instant I got on the computer. I'll do better next time.

Wait, I finally reached 1000 miles! I'm excited about that. I ran 783 last year, so 1000 is a big improvement. Plus, the year isn't over yet!

In other fantastic, but much less consequential, news: I came in third for the year for total miles run at the Fleet Feet Sunday Group! I ran 363 this year with the group. The farthest person went 555, then 510, then me, then 357. John came in fifth at 259 miles. I wonder if they still give out fancy long sleeve shirts for the 300 club. I've seen two guys wearing them, so I know they've done it in the past.

What else did I neglect to write about this week? My left knee still hurts a bit, and my left ankle is pretty bad. I hope it gets better soon, because I won't be able to run much more than ten miles until it does.

Here was my week:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 3.5 through the Fab 40s with Fleet Feet- to see the Christmas lights
Wednesday: 3 on the treadmill
Thursday: Off
Friday: 2.5 outside in the morning, and boy did my knee hurt
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 10 with the Fleet Feet group/Holiday Classic Race

Miles this week: 19*
Miles in 2011: 1010

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  1. I wonder how many miles per year the bear does. Do you think it's more than 1,000?