Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello, B Group!

I have, as one of my Chips friends put it last night, "graduated" to the B Group! When I first started running on Tuesdays with the Chips last year, the person in charge that night asked me for a recent race time, and said to run with the B Group. Groups are based on pace, with A as the fastest (there usually aren't any As at the workout).

Last January through March, I ran with the B Group. But I was always lagging behind. So when I came back in the fall after spending the previous six or so months not doing speedwork, I decided to go down to the C Group. I was challenged, so I stayed.

Recently, I've been towards the front of the group when I run with the Cs. Since John has joined the Chips, he has been running with the Bs and trying to get me to join them. He says I could keep up. So last night, I did.

For most workouts, Coach Jen gives us estimated paces we should be keeping for each group. For C, I was near the fast end of the range, and for B, I'm near the slow end. I was able to keep up (at the mid, then back of the group) for all four 1200s as 10K pace last night.  I was huffing and puffing, and may have actually been running closer to 5k pace, but I kept up.

I want to get faster and improve overall, and this is a great way to get there. Running with the B crowd on weekends, like I did at the Fleet Feet Sunday run a few days ago, will help too.

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