Friday, January 27, 2012

No heels for moi!

Photo credit: Henrik Sorensen for New York Times
I have long been an avid opponent of wearing high heels. Why? Well, there are several reasons:

#1- I'm 5'2" and they really aren't going to make me look taller.
#2- I like being comfortable, and for some reason have never found heels comfortable.
#3- I walk a lot- around the office, to meetings close by- and that becomes difficult in heels.
#4- Most of my work clothes aren't flashy enough to look good with heels.
#5- Most importantly, my legs are tired from running!

I have given in occasionally, and worn heels to a work event. I always end up, a few hours later, mad at myself for some nagging pain that doesn't go away when the shoes come off. I once had a pain for several weeks after wearing heels to an event.

This morning, I checked my blogfeed, and saw that a study was done that vindicates my longtime anti-heel sentiment. Runner's World's Training Daily blog highlighted a study of high heel wearing women versus women who don't wear heels often. The study showed that women who wear heels often have shorter strides, shorter calf muscles. I knew it!

Read the Training Daily post here, and the more detailed New York Times article on the study here.

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