Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prediction Run

This morning, I had a great time at the Buffalo Chips Prediction Run. The concept is simple: predict your 5k time, run a 5k sans watch, and the person closest to their prediction wins.

It sounds simpler than it is. Having been sick for nearly a week, I knew I wouldn't be breaking any records. I figured 24:30 or 25:00 was a good estimate (no race day crowd to motivate me, either). Well, when it came time to write down my prediction, pride got the better of me and I wrote down 24:00. Why? It sounds a bit faster, and I really couldn't bear to write down such a slower time.

I came in, as predicted, at 24:44, good for about seventh in terms of prediction. One person was dead on. Oh well. They were nice enough to have Stampede race shirts for everyone who came out.

The Run was followed by a nice brunch gathering at Bella Bru, and I had a great time hearing about the Venice Marathon and many things Chips-related. I even picked up my very own Chips singlet! I'm glad to be getting more involved with the Chips!

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