Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Summary

The first full week of 2012 went moderately well. I did a good job on mileage, a bad job on cross training, and I still had my weird lower calf pain. I had a great speed workout, and a good long run. Also, we ate really well (few sweets and drinks), which is a relief after the holidays.

Here are  my workouts from this week.

Monday: Off
Tuesday Morning: Cross train circuit, abs
Tuesday Evening: 6 with Buffalo Chips (warm, 4 strides, 10x400 at 5k pace w/200 jogs, cool)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 5 on Stonegate (evening)
Friday: 3 on Stonegate (evening)
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 13 at 9:15 average per mile with the Fleet Feet Group

Miles this week: 27
Miles in 2012: 39

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