Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Summary

This week went okay. I kept to my 3 drinks a week (for the third week- yay!), but I did manage to have dessert every day. Oops.

John's foot was bothering him some, so he took it easy mid-week and skipped his 4 miler. He went out for his first long run in 2 weeks on Sunday, and got through most of it before we had to walk. His foot was hurting him most of the way (he told me after the fact), and at Glen Hall on the way back he figured we should walk. My left knee started to twinge at around 9, so by the park I was ready to take it easier, too.

Hopefully John will be better by Sunday, when we do the Davis Stampede. I think I'll be fine- I just need to do my leg rolling.

Monday: off
Tuesday: 6 with Buffalo Chips (warm, strides, 4x1200 w/400 jogs, cool)
Wednesday: strength circuit
Thursday: off
Friday: 6 on H Street and at McKinley after work
Saturday: 4 on Stonegate
Sunday: 16 total miles with John and Chips at the Fleet Feet Group (14 at 8:45ish, 2 walking mostly)

Miles this week: 32
Miles in 2012: 122

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