Friday, February 10, 2012

Multiple Marathoning

Between now and August, John and I are planning to do two marathons. We have a decent 18 weeks between them, but will be filling that time with shorter distance races. After August, we've been throwing around the idea of running CIM, because it is the local race and it will be the 30th anniversary event. We've also talked about a fall marathon, perhaps Portland. Every time we have these exciting conversations, I think to myself that I'm likely to over-do it if I'm not careful.

I was intrigued to see a Runner's World blog post this morning on racing in multiple marathons. The subject of the post is multiple marathons close together in time, which is what we seem to be flirting with. In it, the blogger discusses treating the sequential races as one race in several parts, and outline strategies for rest, recovery, and maintenance after the first race is completed.

We have our first marathon of the year (and John's first, ever), in just over a month. After that, when we start to plan our training for marathon number two in 2012, I'll think about what we could do to enable ourselves to do both a fall marathon and CIM. We'll see.

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