Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Around The Corner

My next marathon- and John's first marathon- is less than two weeks away. I've been remiss in detailing our training here, but suffice it to say that I've been slacking a bit more than I should (taper doesn't mean skipping workouts), and John has taken several weeks off to rehab his IT band/runner's knee issue.

So, the race is rapidly approaching, and I'm feeling calm. I have enough "hay in the barn" (as a running friend recently put it) to get through the race comfortably. I should be fine going for a sub-4:00 finish. John's injuries seem to be subsiding, and he was even able to run 10 relatively pain free last weekend. We really won't know until we does the race, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his injuries will be gone and he will be fine on his base fitness and his training up until he stopped a few weeks back.

I'm most excited about seeing the sights in Rome. Napa was beautiful, but running in such an historic city will be great. Also, I'm excited about doing a marathon that is much larger than any I've done. Napa is around 3,000, CIM is around 8,000, and Rome has over 12,000. There are five wave starts, and we're in the third. Hopefully it will be easy to understand!

I will make up for my lack of writing about my training by doing a good race report. I've been asked to do one for the Chips' website anyway, so it has to be good! Here we go!

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