Thursday, March 15, 2012

Venice- the Last Chance Run

This morning we went for our last pre-marathon run. We're in Venice, which isn't the easiest city to run in. The streets are narrow, short and crowded with throngs of tourists. The two miles we needed to do made these obstacles less daunting, plus we started out well before the tour groups descend upon the city and before most vendors open for the day. We started out from our hotel, and went over the Rialto Bridge. Man, was climbing all the steps of the bridge difficult! We went along the water if the lagoon for a ways, then stopped for the view before turning around and heading back for breakfast. I was tired and winded for most of the run, which I hope doesn't portell a difficult race. I think the inordinate amount of sleep I got last night may have been the culprit (nearly 10 hours). Either way, I only have a few days left to rest up! John's knee seems to be better, which is a good sign. Tomorrow, we head off to Rome and to packet pickup soon after. Saturday, we will see the ancient sites, then have an Irish lunch (or at least a Guinness) and rest up. Sunday is race day, read or not!

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