Monday, April 30, 2012

San Francisco Marathon Training: Kicking Off With a Race!

I just signed up for a race to kick off my San Francisco Marathon training: the Fair Oaks Sun Run. During the hill workout on Saturday, several people talked about this notoriously hilly race, which is supposed to be a very beautiful course, and a very challenging one. I don't expect to set any records, and I'm glad that this race is a non-standard distance (5 miles) so that I don't feel the need to achieve a certain time. I think finishing this race will help mentally prepare me for training for a (somewhat) hilly marathon, and show me that I can actually run hills in a race without dying. Or at least I hope I can, or I wont be running SF after all! As an added benefit, the race is through Old Fair Oaks, which is near where my mom grew up. I love that part of the CIM course, because I feel that in some way, she is watching me. It will be nice to be out there, thinking of her, while doing this race. Marathon training officially begins Monday, but I will call this race my unofficial start!

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