Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Summary: Another Recovery Week

As much as I wanted to sprint back into training, my body really wanted another easy week after the race. I did a weight/conditioning workout Monday, which left me tired for my (attempted) speed workout on Tuesday. I stopped to cooldown after half the workout! I did 2 sets of 400 5k pace, 400 mp, 400 5k, 400 mp, so it wasn't a lost workout. I did a recovery run of 3 miles Wednesday. Thursday, I felt ill all morning (not enough food?), and Saturday, I had a bad headache all day. Okay, I get it- recover instead of jump back in!

I'll start slow and try to get ready to train by 14 weeks out from the SF Marathon, or 2 weeks from now (if my math and memory serve me).

Miles this week: 13
Miles in 2012: 325

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