Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Week 3

Monday: (Rest/cross) Off
Tuesday: (GA+S 8 mi w/10x 100m strides) 6 with Chips- warm, 6x 400 at 5k pace w/ 30 sec rest, jog between 4 and 5-6, cool
Wednesday: (Recovery 4) 5 easy in the morning
Thursday: (MLR 11 mi) 8 miles in the morning
Friday: (rest/cross) Off
Saturday: (Recovery 4)18 Miles! Much at MP
Sunday: (16 with 10 at MP)10 from Fleet Feet, plus 5 mile hike later in the day

Miles this week: 47
Miles in 2012: 558    

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have been enjoying running, getting some good long runs in, and several hill workouts too. I've been invited to trail run with a group sometime soon, and I'm excited. However, I don't have the energy to post on any of this. I want to, and I'll try, but for now I'll just be logging my workouts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: (Rest/cross) Off
Tuesday: (Medium Long Run 11 mi) 7.5 with Chips- 2.5 before, then 1.5 warm, 4 strides, 4x800 at 3:40 with 200 jog, cool
Wednesday: (rest/cross) Bike to Work 12 miles
Thursday: (Lactate Threshold 8 mi w/4 at HMP) 8 miles- 2 warm, 4 at about 8:30 (not HMP, but faster than easy), 2 cool
Friday: (rest/cross) REST! Legs so tired!
Saturday: (easy 5) Chips run of 15 miles from Panera, average 8:30
Sunday: (Long Run 15) Off (slipped and fell Saturday at Whole Foods, didn't feel much like running on Sunday)

Miles this week: 31
Miles in 2012: 511            

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Week 1

 This is week one of training for the San Francisco Marathon. I'm using the 12 week/55 mile peak program from Advanced Marathoning, modified to include my Chips speed workouts. I'm adding what I was supposed to do for the day in parentheses.

Monday: (Rest/cross) Off
Tuesday: (General Aerobic 8 mi w/5x100 strides) 7 with Chips- 1.25 before run, warm 1.5, 5x 500 at 5k pace w/200 jogs, cool
Wednesday: (rest/cross) Bike to work- 12 miles roundtrip, plus 2 errand miles
Thursday: (GA 9 mi) 6 miles avg. 9:15/mile in the morning
Friday: (rest/cross) Rest- give my knee a chance to not hurt
Saturday: (easy 5) Attempted marathon pace, but was too drained. Easy 12
Sunday: (13 mi, with 8 at MP) Easy 7

Miles this week: 32
Miles in 2012: 480          

Friday, May 11, 2012

Race Report: Fair Oaks Sun Run

I joined several of the Chips at the Fair Oaks Sun Run last Sunday, and had a great time. It was the first race where I really had an opportunity to warm up and cool down with the group, and that was actually helpful. The extra miles helped me not feel so bad for replacing my long run with a 5 miles race.

The race itself was challenging, but actually pretty fun. It winds through Old Fair Oaks, up and down hills on quiet residential streets. It goes out and back on Sailor Bar, an unkempt potion of the parkway rife with ruts and rocks. The nice part of the Bar- it is mostly flat!

I went out too fast as usual, keeping to my 10k pace for the first two miles of hills. I slowed way down after that, and finished in 41:32, around 8:19 or so average per mile. I felt challenged, so I'm happy with that finish. I wasn't trying to achieve a particular time, so much as get more experience racing on hills. I think that will ultimately help me prepare for the San Francisco marathon.

The best part was lunch after. Some of the Chips met at Denny's, and I had a huge plate of blueberry banana wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes and turkey bacon. Yum! I really enjoy being part of such a fun group.

Here is a race picture:
Crossing the finish line!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Summary

Here is what I did this week. Next week, training officially begins. Yikes!

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 5 easy on Stonegate in the morning (due to an event); strength circuit in the evening
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Bike to Work! Plus, 3 easy in the evening
Friday: 4 (per coach's orders) warm for 10 min, 5x30 sec sprint w/full recovery, 10 min cool
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 8 miles total: 1.5 warm up, 5 mile Chicken Run (finished in 41:32), 1.5 mile cool

Miles this week: 20
Miles in 2012: 448