Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Week 1

 This is week one of training for the San Francisco Marathon. I'm using the 12 week/55 mile peak program from Advanced Marathoning, modified to include my Chips speed workouts. I'm adding what I was supposed to do for the day in parentheses.

Monday: (Rest/cross) Off
Tuesday: (General Aerobic 8 mi w/5x100 strides) 7 with Chips- 1.25 before run, warm 1.5, 5x 500 at 5k pace w/200 jogs, cool
Wednesday: (rest/cross) Bike to work- 12 miles roundtrip, plus 2 errand miles
Thursday: (GA 9 mi) 6 miles avg. 9:15/mile in the morning
Friday: (rest/cross) Rest- give my knee a chance to not hurt
Saturday: (easy 5) Attempted marathon pace, but was too drained. Easy 12
Sunday: (13 mi, with 8 at MP) Easy 7

Miles this week: 32
Miles in 2012: 480          

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