Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Training Week 6

I took it easy this week due to lingering left leg pain, which started during my 18 miler last weekend. I guess the neck and back tightness from the car accident is really messing up my form. Hopefully I'll get back to normal after physical therapy this week. 
Monday: (Rest/cross) Off
Tuesday: (Recovery 5 mi)  1.5 easy-knee pain- plus 15 minutes elliptical in morning; yoga and abs in evening
Wednesday: (VO2 Max 10mi w/5 x 1000 at 5k pace) 5 easy
Thursday: (MLR 12 mi) 3 easy in morning; yoga and abs in evening
Friday: (Rest/cross) Off
Saturday: (Recovery 6 mi) 10.5 easy with Chips in 90 degree heat
Sunday: (LR 15 w/12 at MP) 7 easy with FF group

Miles this week: 27
Miles in 2012: 636 

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