Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Training Week 7

I did a very poor job this week of getting miles in and accomplishing my important workouts. I was just too sore to run well after physical therapy on Tuesday, really cutting the rest of the work week out for productive runs. I did get to 16 of my 18 miler without too much pain, so I'm moving toward recovery.

Monday: (Rest/cross) Yoga and abs
Tuesday: (Recovery + Speed 6 mi w/6x100 strides) Easy 4 with Chips
Wednesday: (MLR 12 mi) Easy 3 on Stonegate in morning
Thursday: (Rest/cross) Off
Friday: (Lactate Threshold 12 w/7 at HMP) Off
Saturday: (Recovery 5 mi) 18 miles with Chips, much at MP
Sunday: (LR 20 mi) 7 miles easy with FF group

Miles this week: 32
Miles in 2012: 668

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